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EPDA Specializations

​EPDA Specializations

Functions of EPDA main departments in accordance with Law No. (2) of 2007 and its amendments



Environmental Monitoring Department​​​​

Includes Environmental Licensing Section​ and Evaluation & Inspection Section

  1. Developing plans, programs, studies and environmental remedies necessary to combat pollution of all kinds
  2. Protect society, human health and other living organisms from all environmentally harmful activities and acts that hinder the legitimate use of the environmental media
  3. Developing the necessary emergency plans to confront the environmental hazards that threaten or occur in any of the environmental systems that make up the Emirate's environment
  4. Preparing draft laws, legislations, systems, regulations and environmental requirements in order to protect the environment and industrial development in the emirate, setting programs and technical and environmental requirements for establishments in the emirate and supervising their implementation and compliance with them.
  5. Implementing and enforcing federal and local environmental laws and regulations and setting up a mechanism for reporting environmental accidents and violations, identifying their causes, and working to remove them and ensure that they do not occur in the future.
  6. Search, study and develop proposals and solutions for any issues or problems related to the environment, industrial development, economic development projects and infrastructure projects.
  7. Evaluate the environmental impact of existing or established industrial and economic projects and investments in the Emirate on the environment, and coordinate with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the environmental authorities in the country and other concerned parties.
  8. Examining applications submitted to the authorities concerned with issuing licenses for industrial, agricultural, economic and development projects with direct and indirect impacts on the environment.


Environmental Sustainability Department

Includes Policies & Studies Section​, Natural Resources Section, and Green Development Section.

  1. ​Protecting the environment and preserving its quality and natural balance.
  2. Preparing draft laws, legislations, systems, regulations, and environmental requirements in order to protect the environment.
  3. Study and discuss the policies and plans drawn up by departments, agencies, institutions, or companies that carry out an activity that may affect the quality of the environment, and propose solutions to any environmental problems or obstacles facing these programs and projects.
  4. Implementing projects with environmental dimensions that are consistent with the higher interests of the state and the emirate, aiming to maintain and sustain the emirate's natural resources
  5. Evaluating the impact of hunting and marine fishing activities in the emirate and providing suggestions and solutions to face the risk of extinction of wildlife that may result from these activities and recommending the establishment of projects to manage fishing activities and establish protected areas
  6. Establishing and managing protected areas and sanctuaries for wildlife, and applying the regulations and instructions for those areas
  7. Establishing a reference laboratory for the environment in the Emirate, and providing the technical staff and equipment needed to operate it
  8. Establishing systems for collecting and exchanging environmental data and information, and making use of universities, research institutes, organizations and associations specialized in environmental and development affairs.
  9. Collecting and implementing targeted studies on air, water, sea and soil pollution, protecting their sources from pollution and preserving natural and living resources.
  10. Study the nature of soil, water and energy, and propose means to preserve them from degradation and low efficiency, by setting the controls, programs and projects necessary to reduce their misuse or depletion, and focus on studying groundwater and desert areas and limiting desertification.
  11. Study the nature of coastal areas and the marine environment and propose protection, development and development of their resources
  12. Organizing the activity of the fishing profession in the Emirate, developing and implementing plans and programs, and conducting studies




Environmental Awareness Department

  1. Spreading environmental awareness and familiarity with environmental issues, encouraging public participation in environmental protection programs and introducing the Authority and its objectives through educational, educational and awareness programs, disseminating information and reaching influential groups in society.
  2. Proposing, setting or implementing appropriate training and awareness programs for the cadres working in the fields of the environment in the industrial and economic institutions and establishments operating in the Emirate and the groups of the emirate’s society, and creating qualified national cadres to lead the environmental work in cooperation and coordination with the official and non-official bodies inside and outside the country.
  3. Implementing projects with environmental dimensions that are compatible with the higher interests of the state and the emirate
  4. Establishing systems for collecting and exchanging environmental data and information, and making use of universities, research institutes, organizations and associations specializing in environmental and development affairs, whether inside or outside the country.



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