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Estidama App

Estidama App 

Estidama App


The authority succeeded in launching the smart application "Estidama" in 2017, which is considered one of the smart environmental applications where the name of the application was inspired by the word "sustainability", which is a concept called the biological environment, the variety of living organisms, and the natural factors that maintain their existence for the longest possible period of time. Sustainability is also defined as preserving the quality of life by adapting to the environment by exploiting natural resources for the longest possible period of time that leads to the preservation of the continuation of life.

The Estidama application offers a lot of services directed at various groups of society and helps it to know the environmental impacts of the activities that are practiced, in order to activate the Authority’s role in terms of environmental awareness, the application contributes to publishing environmental advice and guidance on a weekly basis on the application through "green tips", which contributes In increasing awareness of the environment and reaching environmentally responsible actions that enhance environmental sustainability, in addition to that, the application of Estidama contributes to knowing the temperature and the state of tides, in addition to the direction of the winds.

As a matter of the authority’s keenness to make customers happy and provide the best services to them in addition to providing smart and advanced services to keep pace with this development witnessed by the emirate, and that is based on the authority’s keenness to achieve the services and requirements to keep pace with the remarkable distinction and position reached by the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, as the authority strives to provide All the facilities and needs of its customers and the development of its services to become smart, inexpensive and with easy and simple steps, which saves money, time and effort on the customers, the government and the authority, and meets all the expectations of its customers without facing any challenges that hinder the completion of services. The Estidama application allows the user to know all the services provided by the authority as it provides a description card for each service, in addition to that, the application provides the locations of all the emirate's ports, which fishermen can benefit from by requesting some services related to the fishing profession in addition to the contact information for those port officials.

The Estidama application also provides several services for the benefit of various segments of society, such as the tree request service, a sample analysis request (testing the quality and quality of water tanks - soil and sediment testing) in addition to the environmental activities request service. The browser can also follow up on all the activities of the authority that will be held and which have been held in addition to The latest news of the authority, and the browser can learn about all types of services provided by the authority and how to obtain them.

And to encourage community members to follow best environmental practices to reduce the carbon footprint of the industrial and commercial sector in addition to homes, as the application includes an environmental footprint calculator, which is a developed calculator based on international best practices that enables the user to know the impact of his activity on the environment after entering some data related to water and energy consumption and the number of cars The type of activity and the amount of waste generated, and after extracting the result, the application guides some environmental advice and also provides a comparison between the user's environmental footprint and the global environmental footprint.

In the year 2020, and within the framework of the authority's endeavor to sustain the natural resources in the emirate, the authority developed a smart sustainability application in which the authority adopted a new environmental calculator to calculate the water footprint for members of society and establishments in the emirate to measure the rate of water consumption, as the water footprint is a measure of the amount of water used and is done With which to assess the potential environmental impact associated with water.


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