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Ras Al Khaimah restricts the use of “pesticides” on farms

16 November 2021

The Environment Protection and Development Authority in Ras Al Khaimah issued a circular regarding "reducing agricultural pesticide residues", to collect samples from farms on a regular basis, and to confirm the prohibition of the circulation or use of pesticides prohibited in the country, by unlicensed parties for this purpose, and the prohibition of spraying agricultural crops During the daytime during the months of November and December, to avoid causing any damage, and to reduce it.

Dr. Saif Muhammad Al Ghais, Director General of the authority, said that a work team affiliated with the authority took the initiative to install a copy of the new circular on farms, in separate areas of the emirate, calling on citizens of farm owners and workers to allow the authority's employees to enter the farms to collect the desired samples.

He stressed that the new procedures come in order to ensure the optimal use of pesticides, and to reduce their negative effects, a translation of the UAE National Agenda (2021), under the axis of sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure, stressing the authority's endeavor to establish sustainable management of biodiversity and natural resources, which is one of the goals The strategy of the agency.

And the "Environmental Protection and Development in Ras Al Khaimah", through its general manager, warned of the danger of using pesticides that are prohibited to be used on farms in the country.

Dr. said. Saif Al-Ghais: Insecticides and agricultural pesticides pose a threat to species, which play a key role in transferring pollen grains between plants and agricultural crops in the region, which is of economic benefit to farmers, noting that “bees” are among the most important organisms exposed to the harmful effects of pesticide use. pests to protect crops, while these “pesticides” cause negative collateral damage to “bee colonies” and human health.


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