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"Flag Day" is when we renew our loyalty to the UAE

03 November 2020

Dr. Saif Muhammad Al-Ghais, Director General of the Environment Protection and Development Authority in Ras Al Khaimah, affirmed that the "Flag Day" is in which we renew the pledge to the UAE to make any efforts for the sake of the advancement and advancement of the nation, and at the same time we renew the charter of belonging, loyalty and absolute sincerity.

Dr. Al-Ghais added that whenever the knowledge rises above every institution, the charter of employee affiliation renews and the commitment of all the employees of the Environment Protection and Development Authority is renewed to do their utmost in order to achieve their authority for leadership positions through good management of their unique capabilities.

And he considered that "Flag Day" tells thousands of stories of loyalty, belonging and devotion in a symbolic way. When the wise leadership declared it among the prominent days celebrated at the state level, the intention was to develop unified feelings among all citizens and residents on the land of the state, confirming the spirit of loyalty and belonging to our beloved Emirates.


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