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EPDA organizes a workshop to reach carbon neutrality

19 August 2022

The Environment Protection and Development Authority in Ras Al Khaimah held a workshop entitled "Path to Succeeding in a Carbon-Neutral World", which falls within the Best Environmental Practices Program. The workshop targeted a number of local government agencies in the emirate and a number of leading industrial facilities with the most environmental impact. The workshop aimed to encourage establishments to start developing solutions and alternatives to reach carbon neutrality in their practical fields in order to achieve the strategic directions of the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Saif Mohammed Al Ghais, Director General of the EPDA, said: "The current trend of the UAE is to commit to reducing its carbon emissions to be a role model for managing energy and the environment in the world, this workshop also emphasizes UAE's efforts within the strategic initiative to achieve UAE Net Zero 2050”

Within the workshop, global warming and greenhouse gases were introduced and ways to reduce their emissions and maintain them within levels that do not affect the existence of life, and the best alternative and renewable sources of energy, which will be as efficient - or better - than the usual traditional sources of energy.

The approach and efforts of the UAE towards carbon neutrality in the sectors of industry, transportation, waste management, and others were also reviewed.

To conclude the workshop, the participants were divided into working groups according to their sector to exchange experiences and review environmental procedures and practices in their fields that achieve carbon neutrality for the transfer of experience and knowledge, as their recommendations were shared among industrial and other sectors and EPDA.


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