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Initiatives of the authority that were nominated within the initiatives of the local authorities in the preparation for the next fifty plan

First: the environment

  1. The initiative to plant one million trees, including replacing the fines by planting local trees and establishing a bank for local seeds and threatened and endangered plant species.
  2. The project of producing and releasing fish fingerlings in marine reserves and lagoons, the program for the protection of threatened and endangered marine organisms, and the tidal basins project.
  3. The initiative to stop the use of single-use plastic bags in 2021.

Second: Food Security

  1. Program to provide plant alternatives for animal products and extract protein from algae and Ghaf trees as a food product.
  2. The project of producing organic food in the off-season.
  3. The project of using artificial intelligence in modern irrigation systems for plants.
  4. Establishing a joint program with national, regional and international universities and research centers in relation to food and water security and developing a program and curriculum at the Ministry of Education.
  5. Water recycling project for the third stage.
  6. The initiative to plant one million trees, including replacing the fines with planting local trees.
  7. The project of producing and launching fish fingerlings, setting up a program to protect living aquatic resources of economic importance, and establishing farms for the production of living aquatic wealth.



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