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Director General of EPDA in a meeting with fishermen

20 June 2021

His Excellency Dr. Saif Muhammad Al Ghais, Director-General of the Environment Protection and Development Authority, met the fishermen of Ras Al Khaimah in a brotherly meeting held at the Authority’s headquarters, during which he discussed several points revolving around the sustainability and effectiveness of the fishing profession and the happiness of fishermen, as the fishing profession represents the oldest and oldest profession in the United Arab Emirates United.

The meeting was attended by a number of fishermen from all fishing ports in Ras Al Khaimah, namely Al Jazira Al Hamra Port, Al Jeer Port, Al Rams Port, Al Mairid Port, Khor Khair Port, Ras Al Khaimah Port, Shaam Port, and Ghalila Port.

At the beginning, the meeting aimed to discuss some fishing methods in the emirate, and pointed out the importance of adhering to the laws and regulations in force in the country related to fishing and avoiding wrong practices that may lead to a fisherman's violation, in order to avoid them. Dr. Al-Ghais also discussed with the fishermen some of the problems that might occur between the net fishermen and the gargoy fishermen, and called for avoiding them.

Dr. said. Al-Ghais, "Today we discussed several axes with the fishermen. We started by discussing the fishing equipment and methods used in the emirate, especially gargoyle fishing and nets, and the response was positive from the fishermen, as they confirmed that there are no problems between them regarding the method of fishing, but individual actions were taken by some people and we call for avoiding and solving them. Disputes should be referred to the concerned authorities, and the Al-Hasba Customer Happiness Center of the authority is always in service with regard to fishermen’s affairs, as the authority will not tolerate the reduction or cancellation of any violation”

Dr. Al-Ghais stated, "The authority places the fishing sector at the center of its concerns due to the importance of this profession in the country, and we are keen on the continuity of the profession of parents and grandparents, while maintaining the sustainability of fish stocks at the same time, where sustainable management of biodiversity and natural resources is one of the most prominent Strategic axes in the work of the Authority "

How much did Dr. Al Ghais, the fishermen, to cooperate with the authority’s monitors, emphasizing, “The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah enjoys vast marine areas, and from this point of view, the fishermen must cooperate with the environmental monitors and port employees in the authority by reporting in the event of any doubts, observations or complaints to ensure that the work is carried out in the fullest manner.” br>
The dialogue dealt with the issue of expired artisanal fishing licenses and what should be done about them. The opinions received from the fishermen were taken into consideration regarding the notification period for the license holder and the procedure. The fishermen decided to communicate with the license holders and give them a period of 3 months to adjust their status, and in the event of non-renewal, replace them with new licenses. for fishermen. It also talked about the challenges faced by the fisherman during the practice of the profession and their current needs.

Dr. Al Ghais referred to the excursion fishermen, as he had received several complaints and observations from the fishermen regarding the excursion fishermen, and reported that some of the excursion fishermen are being helped to sell fish, and that this may harm the marine environment and the artisanal fishermen, and that the authority will work to develop legislation and requirements and regulate the profession of excursion fishing in the emirate Determining the permitted fishing quantities.

Dr. Al-Ghais explained, "During the meeting, the artificial countryside or what is called locally Mashad was discussed, as the authority seeks to organize the process of reconstructing the Mashad and establishing and building new Mashad, and that some fishermen have more than one Mashad, and that some fishermen built the Mashad previously and did not rebuild it, Accordingly, the meadow must first be counted, recorded, and its locations determined, which is what the Commission will do after the fishermen have approved the inventory of the meadow. The fishermen expressed their happiness and satisfaction with such meetings, and called on the authority to intensify their efforts and hold such meetings more to raise the fishermen's awareness of the goals and directions of the UAE and the usefulness of the regulatory decisions and regulations that are being legislated and applied, as they ensure the preservation of the sustainability of this vital sector.


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