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Our Team

​​​ ​ 

​​​​​​​​​​Director Gener​al​​​​

​Dr. Saif Al-Ghais​​General Director​​​2​​22

​Assistant ​Director General ​​​

​Eng.Moza  Ebaed Al Mehairi​ General Manager Assistant​​​223

​Office of the Director General​

Secretary​Executive Secretarial​​203
Shamma Abdulghafoor Abdulla​Archive Administrative ​​211

​Institutional Liaison Office​

​Maryam Adel Abdualla​Institutional Communication Specialist​​252
Farhan Haidarah​Public Relations​205
​Asma Saad Al Marzooqi​Receptionist​ ​200

Environmental Awareness Department​

​Hend Abdulla Alhadeyya​ Enviromental  Awaraness Specialist​​209
​Shamma Mohammed Alshamsi​ Enviromental  Awaraness Specialist​​221
​Eng.Iman Malek​ Enviromental  Awaraness Specialist​​​233

Environmental Monitoring Department​

​Dr.Tarek Youssef Abdou​Environmental Monitoring Director​​204
​Ibrahim Ahmed Khuluti​Senior Environmental ​​229
​Eng. Mustafa Khalifa​Environmental Inspection Specialist​​​224
​Eng.Rameses Mandoza​Environmental Inspector​​217
​Eng.Ahmed Mohamed Babikir​Environmental Engineer​​598
​Mohammed Ebrahim AlshehhiEnvironmental Engineer ​​299
​Eng.abdulrahaman salem binishaqEnvironmental Inspection Specialist​​​232
​Eng.Warren  Bio RetlotaEnvironmental Inspection Specialist​​
​Eng.Mohammed Tag Al sair Babikir Environmental Inspection Specialist​​
​Eng. Akshay perla kannan mohnan​Environmental Inspector​​235
​Haitham Ahmed Alshehhi​Environmental Inspector​​228
​Mouza Ahmad Al Hebsi​EnvironmentaL Licensing Administrator​mouza.h@epda.rak.ae225
​Khalifa Murad Mohamad Jumaa​Environmental Inspector​​597
​Amr Azzan Saleh Alsaadi​Geographic Information Systems Specialist​​218
​Ahmad Khalid Mahmood Sharara Environmental Inspection Specialist​​​212
​Moddathir Awad Alseed Attala Ahmed​Environmental Inspector​​230
​Zainab Ahmad Mohammed​​​Senior EnvironmentaL Licensing ​​245
​Mohammed saeed khalifa Alsuwaidi​EnvironmentaL Licensing Administrator​​201
​Abdulah Yousef Ali Faraaj Al Ketbi​Environmental Inspector​

​​​​​​Environmental Sustainability Department​

​Prof.Dr. Al Rasied Suliman ModawiEnvironmental Sustainability Management Director​​255
​Dr.Sujatha Varadharajulu​Senior Envir​omental Researcher​​202
​Dr.Vibha Bhardwaj ​Laboratories Director​​246
​Abdullah Mohammad Alhamadi​Enviromental Researcher​​215
​Abdalla Mohamed Farag saeed​Enviromental Researcher​​206
​​Saeed Ali Al Shehhi    Environmental Licensing Specialist ​​238
​Eng.abdulaziz mohammed alblooshi ​Port specialist​
​Sherif abdalla Gharib Hassan​Environmental Nature Reserves
​yasir mohammdalhasan​Environmental Nature Reserves Specialist​​
​Omar mohammad saeed al shehi​Laboratory Technician ​​244
​Pramod Baban kumbhar​Laboratory Technician ​​244
​Esaa Ali​Environmental Inspector​​237
​Ibrahim Mustafa​Environmental Inspector​​241
​Adnan Mohamed Almansouri​Environmental Inspector​adnan@epda.rak.ae239
​Taleb Abdullah Qasem​Environmental Inspector​​​242
​Khalil Ahmed Abdulhafidh ​Environmental Inspector​ ​243
​Mohammed Obaid Said Al Mamari​Environmental Inspector​​240
​Ebrahim Yahya Ali Ahmed​Environmental Inspector​​​213
​Nomier Taleb Alusi​Environmental Inspector​​249

​ ​ ​ ​Support Serv​​ices Department​

​Ahmad Al-behery​Senior Financial Resources Specialist ​​214
​Maryam Ali Al Shehhi​Senior Financial Resources Specialist ​​216​​​​​
​amal saif mohammed al ali​Human Resources Administrator​​227​​​


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