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EPDA launches Green Harbor initiative

04 November 2018

In pursuance efforts of the Environmental Protection and Development Authority in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, to encourage customers in framework of its keenness to provide high quality services, to suit the needs of the customers in order to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction and happiness, EPDA continued to complete the activities of Al Hasbaa Initiative for fishermen where EPDA launched "Green Harbors", which the Authority intends to organize in all ports of the emirate in an effort to strengthen the relationship with its customers from the fishermen, to listen their needs and visualizations and to devote more time to enhance the services provided to them, in addition to honoring the leading fishermen in the field of fishing.

The Authority also seeks to implement environmentally friendly practices and standards of green buildings in ports such as replacing lamps with solar energy lamps to rationalize energy consumption in addition to establishing a park for fishermen in ports, in order to reduce emissions to mitigate the impact on global climate change and to reduce carbon footprint. In addition, it aims to encourage and educate its customers, including fishermen and their workers, to adopt best environmental practices that not only reduce energy consumption but also contribute to the protection and sustainability of natural resources.

Special services for fishermen
Dr. Saif Al-Ghais, Managing Director of Environment Protection and Development Authority said that, the Authority attaches extreme importance to the customers and working to launch initiatives and programs that enhance the Authority's experience to provide high quality services to its customers, reflecting the distinguished cultural reputation of the State, where the EPDA plans to launch additional services for fishermen, such as the establishment of a seafarers service center in the harbors of Maered , Ras Al Khaimah and Ghalilah, where the provision of Wi-Fi services, in addition to providing fishing gear and boat repair workshops, and will also be contracted with one of the men's shaving salons in the emirate to provide a shaving service for fishermen at the harbors.


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