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Supplier selection criteria​​

1. Geographical location of the supplier: 

Preferably dealing with the nearest supplier to ease the communication and understanding with him, in addition to avoiding the risks of shipping and transport, and the rapid response to the changes in size or quality of applications


2.The financial center of the supplier: 

A supplier with strong financial position is less likely to cease its activity, and its ability to provide financial aid, also achieve to fund all required facilities to its required extent,


3.Technical and technological capability of the supplier: 

It is preferable to deal with the supplier who is keen to follow the technical developments and use them in his work field, joint with the supplier, which depends on advanced technological methods, where this resource can innovate the design and manufacture of its products


4. Quality level: 

It is not necessary to choose the supplier that offers the highest quality, but how appropriate it is for the purpose for which it is used, the availability of that level and its impact on the cost of procurement


5. Supply quantity: 

Means the adequacy of the quantity supplied at a time or during the period in which it is supplied


6. Price: 

The lower price is not necessarily the best price, but the price provided by the supplier must be linked to the quantity, quality, service, payment terms and delivery together



7. Quality inspection and control systems: 

Provide advanced systems for inspection and inspection in the supplier's factories, gives the Authority greater confidence and power in terms of the supplier's compliance with the quality standards required, and thus reduce the probability of rejecting orders due to non-conformity to the required specifications


8. Service, Warranty & Maintenance: 

An important criterion in the selection of the source of supply is their willingness to provide certain services such as installation and maintenance, training of workers and their commitment to ensure the continuation of materials or parts purchased within a specified period of time, free replacement, or symbolic compensation for damage or disruption during this period


9. Reputation or reputation in the market: 

Reflects the impression of the supplier in the market in terms of its commitment to meet the orders on time, the quality of its products, and good treatment of customers, and the services provided by the financial facilities provided to customers and history in the market


10. Capacity and efficiency of the staff of the supplier: 

This means standing up to the level of training and motivation of the supplier's workforce, which affects the overall performance of his company, as well as the stability of the relations between the management and the workers. The more stable the relations, the more stable the work will be


11.Compliance with environmental laws: 

The Authority is concerned with evaluating suppliers in accordance with their compliance with environmental protection laws such as non-pollution of the environment, safety of products in use and absence of harmful side effects of such products



Supplier evaluating criteria​​​

  1. Quality of materials/Products/Services
  2. Matching specifications
  3. Delivery d​ates
  4. Fast delivery
  5. Price and discounts
  6. Facilities provided and payment​​​​

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