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Desalinated water is available to all factories in Al Ghail

17 July 2019

Dr. Saif Mohammed Al Ghais, Director of EPDA, confirmed that desalinated water is now available to 100% of the factories operating in Al Ghail Industrial Area, as part of EPDA's efforts to completely stop the use of groundwater in the industrial sector. Al-Ghais pointed out that this step comes within the national strategy related to the green economy in which reliance on renewable resources. It adopts the concept of preserving the natural resources owned by UAE, especially water.

Global warming is being endangered by many countries in the world, can be seen in hurricanes, floods and record high temperatures in many regions of the world. In addition to exposure to frost and cold in other regions, Global warming has spread to the seas and oceans, which record an increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide and reflect negatively on the acidity of the sea, and then on snails and crustaceans, which disturbs the food pyramid in the waters of these seas and oceans.

Based on the EPDA's role in the conservation of natural resources, in accordance with UAE national strategy, EPDA completely prevented drilling of underground wells. It also obliged the industrial sector not to resort to groundwater and rely on desalinated water. The use of groundwater in all factories operating in Al Ghail Industrial Area has been discontinued after the provision of desalinated water to these plants. Inspection procedures

EPDA has tightened inspection procedures on all industrial facilities, cement factories and crushers through the use of remote monitoring techniques. Which enabled EPDA’s control center to monitor all these facilities and take the necessary and immediate measures when recording any increase in the rates of emissions of these facilities. EPDA within these procedures has completely halted a tire recycling plant. Several important measures were also implemented, such as preventing the use of clay in oil refining, as this technology leaves some toxic oxides that can affect the environment. EPDA won the Sheikh Saqr Award for Excellence in Government and Remote Control, which contributed significantly to reducing the violations of the establishments.


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