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EPDA Organizes "Pulse" Campaign

18 October 2018

In pursuance of the efforts of the Environmental Protection and Development Authority in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, to encourage its customers in the framework of its keenness to provide high quality services to suit the needs of the customers in order to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction and happiness, EPDA continued to complete the activities of Al Hasbaa initiative for fishermen which includes the "Pulses" campaign, by making free medical examinations for fishing workers in cooperation with Ras Al Khaimah Medical Zone and Emirates Hospitals in all ports of the Emirate, the campaign came as a continuation of the Authority's efforts , to raise the level of satisfaction and happiness of its customers to the highest levels. Al Hasbaa initiative is one of the main initiatives that EPDA is working on, which emphases on the category of fishermen in the emirate. The initiative has several sub-activities such as the " Forgiveness Iftar" project in the month of Ramadan, this project is one of the community initiatives undertaken by the Authority, to delight its customers targeting the category of fishermen workers in the Emirate, Where Iftar was provided daily to fishermen workers in the port of Ras Al Khaimah, Maeerid Port and Al Jazira Al Hamra Port. Leadership meeting in RAK in support of the marine environment under the slogan “Our Fish wealth and Fishermen Happiness” Which is considered the first kind of initiative lunched by EPDA at the emirate level, Minister of Climate Change, Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Environment and Local Leaders of Ras Al Khaimah, planted about 300 mangrove trees , This is inline with the RAK 2030 Government's strategy to make the Emirate sustainable and maintain the cohesion of the UAE's cultural community and heritage. Dr. Saif Al-Ghais, Managing Director of Environment Protection and Development Authority said that, the Authority attaches utmost importance to the customers and is working to launch initiatives and programs which enhances the experience of the Authority to provide high-quality services to customers , reflecting the distinguished cultural reputation of the state, the campaign is also aimed at raising the workers' awareness of the need to pay attention to their health and follow healthy life approaches. And that the category of workers is an important and effective part of society and an integral part of its active components and support them by all means within the priorities of EPDA, where the campaign is an expression of the Authority's keenness with its strategic partners to thank the workers and enhance their important role and draw a bright smile on their faces.


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