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Marine control in the EPDA

13 March 2020

Dr. Saif Mohamed Al-Ghais Director General of EPDA explained that, according to the objectives of the national plan, EPDA tightens control over the marine environment and conducts several studies on marine biology and fish. EPDA also has 5 marine stations operating in the emirate's ports that monitor the physical and chemical properties of seawater and the changes in its properties.

In addition to measuring the percentage of chlorophyll related to the phenomenon of red tides in water and other changes in the sea, EPDA also introduced submarines for environmental monitoring equipped with underwater cameras to monitor caves and marine life. These helped Modern Yep to know more on the marine environment and the most harmful influences them.

He continued: With regard to the fishing sector, our wise leadership, and based on the importance of this sector and its positive impact on a large sector of the nation, ordered the development of ports to keep pace with the overall renaissance achieved in various sectors. Today in Ras Al Khaimah we have seven modern and developed ports, and the eighth port, Al-Rams Port, is being modernized There are plans to maintain the berths of these ports during the coming period.

Al-Ghais confirmed that EPDA has monitored 30 different violations since the beginning of this year, with violations related to the fishing sector and the commitment of all fishermen to the period of poetic, net and shark bans that started early this month.

- Quoted from Al-Ittihad newspaper -


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